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How and when did you first discover Björk?

How has her music influenced your life?

Do the people who know you understand your devotion to Björk?

Please name 3 other musical influences:

If you could use ONLY ONE word to describe Björk, what would it be?

How many bjork cd's/downloads/bootlegs do you own?

Do you own any books on Björk? IF Yes, which ones?

Do you have a tattoo of Björk or a tattoo inspired by Björk's music/art on your body?
IF Yes, could you provide a photo?

Have you created art with Björk as muse her music/art as inspiration in creation of this art? Could you provide a photo?

Have you written any "Björk" poetry? IF Yes, would you share some?

Do you have (or have ever had) a Björk fansite?

If you could ask Björk a question, what would it be?

Please e mail any questions or photos to

Welcome to the Björk Think Tank.

For the past few months we have been collecting surveys from Björk fans across Planet Earth…but why? Well, we can't unveil the final product quite yet, but this is what we can tell you so far:

WHO: There are three of us.

T$ - Writer, DJ, always trying to meet a deadline!

Marlowe St Cloud - Hair stylist, Organizer/coordinator…Survey Queen!

Jocelyn - Björkopedia. Coffee slave. Designer and photog.

WHAT: This is the most common question - what are these surveys for? ?It is a secret. A really good one; we don't want to spoil the surprise, but let us just say that this will be the first of it's kind.


WHERE: Home base is Northern California, however the final product will be available worldwide!

WHY: Without sounding too corny, simply for the adoration of Björk. She has been an inspiration to us, and thousands of others. Through her music, her fashion, her charisma. This is an opportunity to express our gratitude.

HOW: How can you help? We are so glad you asked!! ?If you haven't already done so, please fill out our survey and please try to pass it on to other Björk fans.

PLEASE: if you have a Björk website and would like to put up a link to our survey, that would be much appreciated! The more people that fill out our survey, the better our final results will be!

We thank you for your participation!